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Brentwood VFW Post 1810 Leadership Team  2024-25 Term

No one does more for veterans

As members of Brentwood VFW Post 1810, we take pride in volunteering our time and talents to be an integral part of our community. Our Post values teamwork, and we work together to accomplish our goals.

Department Commanders

Becoming a Department Commander is a significant accomplishment. To reach this level, you must first climb up the ranks from the District level to the state level, which is known as the department. This journey takes years of hard work, including vital fundraising, the support of a strong steering committee, and the backing of fellow comrades and auxiliary members. 

Brentwood VFW is proud to have 3  elected Department Commanders 

Henry R. Mannella was elected as the Department Commander of Pennslyvania for the year 2022-2023. This election is a testament to his tireless service and dedication to the organization. As the Department Commander, Commander Mannella played a crucial role in the operations of the state and ensuring that it continued to serve its members and the wider community. We congratulate Commander Mannella and thank him for his hard work and dedication to this great organization. 

IMG_9909 2_edited.jpg
IMG_9910 2_edited.jpg

Commander Howard Adler JR 1996-1997

 Commander William Tepsic 1957-1958

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